How to generate Test Request and select available Laboratory

  • Login using existing credentials.
  • Enter Sample details.
  • Select any approved Laboratory from the list.
  • Await for confirmation from the selected Laboratory........Read More »

How to apply for change of AIR

  • Login, fill necessary details, and upload supporting documents.
  • Pay the required fee and generate a receipt
  • Submit Affidavit to Registration Department
  • AIR details get updated......

Change in Name/Address

  • Login with your existing credentials.
  • Go to Profile update.
  • Select appropriate option.
  • For name/address change, upload Business License in English ......Read More ».

How to update Critical Component List (CCL)

  • Login with your existing credentials.
  • Go to CCL Update
  • Upload relevant Test Report after due verification.
  • Submit Undertaking regarding declaration of conformity...

How to withdraw Models

  • Login with your existing credentials.
  • Go to ‘Model Withdrawal’.
  • Select the Registration for which you want to withdraw the models.
  • Select the models you want to withdraw.
  • Pay the fee and submit.

How to reset Login ID/Password

  • Pay the fee.
  • Email request for reset with letter from Manufacturer on their letter head.
  • Get the link on registered email id and reset the credentials..